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Title: Alice Pennington's Origins
Post by: William Cooke on April 12, 2004, 06:54:07 PM
The following message was posted recently to Rootsweb's Devon-L mailing list. Please note that PENNINGTON is not one of my research interests, however, I recalled that it was a topic for discussion and wondered if there was a New Carlisle connection.

Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 12:07:46 -0500
From: Rick Crume <>
Subject: Loyalists, Queen's Rangers & Devon

The Queen's Rangers, a loyalist regiment in the American War of Independence, is said to have had strong Devonshire connections.

1. Its commander, Gen. John Graves Simcoe, was born in 1752 in Northumberland, England. After his father died in 1759, the family moved to Wolford Lodge in the parish of Dunkeswell, Devonshire.

2. Members of the Queen's Rangers who served in Canada in the 1790s were recruited in Devonshire.

3. My ancestor, James Pennington, served in the Queen's Rangers from 1778 to 1782. He may be the James Pennington, christened 5 Jan. 1755 at Culmstock, Devonshire, England, a son of William Pennington and Elizabeth Collings. It may be just a coincidence, but Culmstock is very close to Dunkeswell where John Graves Simcoe lived.

In 1780 James Pennington was one of ten members of Captain John Whitlock's Company, part of the Queen's Rangers, from England:

Hall, William
Hunt, James
Hyndes, William
Jackson, John
Jones, Jacob
McKay, Daniel
Odam, Henry
Pennington, James
Smith, Jacob
Williams, William

Did any of them have Devonshire connections?

William Pennington and his wife Elizabeth Collings had another son, William Pennington, baptized 26 March 1744 at Culmstock, Devonshire, England. The son is very likely the William Pennington whom the Treasury of Great Britain appointed comptroller of customs at Brunswick, North Carolina, by a warrant dated 11 May 1764. William Pennington was a Loyalist and returned to England following the Revolutionary War.

William Tryon, born at Norbury Park, Surrey, England, in 1729, was appointed lieutenant-governor of North Carolina and arrived at Cape Fear, North Carolina, on October 10, 1764 on the Friendship. William Pennington lived in a house at Brunswick that belonged to William Tryon. Did William Tryon have Devonshlire connections?

Thanks for any information.

Rick Crume  
Glyndon, Minnesota, USA

Title: Alice Pennington's Origins
Post by: William Flowers on April 12, 2004, 08:26:54 PM
Thanks for posting this.  I've been in contact with Rick Crume over the years as we've discussed the possibility of a relationship between Alice Pennington of New Carlisle and his James Pennington.

Incidentally, Rick Crume is a contributing editor to Family Tree Magazine. He writes very informative articles on the use of computers and the Internet for genealogy.