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Title: On Margaret Gallon
Post by: William Flowers on July 12, 2005, 03:37:40 PM
Margaret Gallon's parents, birthplace, and birthdate are unknown.  There is much tradition that her parents were John Gallon  (
) and Christiana Smart ( and there is at least some circumstantial evidence for that.

Margaret died on 11 Nov 1874 (parish register of St. Andrew's of New Carlisle), and the entry reads that she died at 98 years of age. Subtracting that age from 1874 appears to give her an approximate birth year of 1776.  This seems very unlikely in that her last child, Daniel, was born in 1828.  If the 1776 birth year for Margaret is correct, that would make her 52 years old at the time of Daniel's birth! More likely her birth took place no earlier than 1782-1785.

She married John Thompson, probably before 1806, in Riv. à l'Anguille (Eel River), New Brunswick according to Patricé Gallant in his Les Registres De La Gaspésie.  They had twelve children born in Eel River, Hopetown, and New Carlisle.

Margaret's surname has been variously spelled in various records, and probably pronounced, as "Gallon,"  "Gallan," "Galoud," and "Galland."

Further contributions to what is known about Margaret Gallon are appreciated as replies to this post.