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Objective of this project

To identify common Flowers (and variant surnames) male ancestors in an attempt to determine the nature of the relationship of various Flowers (and variant surnames) lines. Some of the different Flowers lines can be identified on the "Point of Contact" page for the Flowers Family Historical Society.


The analysis of easily and painlessly obtained Y-chomosome samples from males adds a powerful genealogical tool to find our Flowers ancestors. These samples are taken through swabbing the inside of your cheek with a sterile "Q-tip" type swab supplied by the testing company in a kit they send to you.

Unfortunately, the Y-chromosome belongs only to males and this, then, is a male only test. Females, however, may participate in this project through the testing of their male relatives. This project also includes surnames that are variants of the Flowers surname.

The power of Y-chromosome analysis comes from the fact that a man's Y-chromosome carries virtually the same markers (haplotype) as those of his father, then his father, then his father, etc., back through many generations following the top line of the pedigree chart. (illustrating graphic) Men, then, who share the same or very similar results (haplotype) revealed by their high-resolution Y-chromosome test and analysis, and carry the surname Flowers or any of the variant surnames, are probably related because they share a common ancestor revealed by the test. The goal of testing, then, is to find out those Flowers males with whom you share a common ancestor. If the common ancestor is already known through traditional genealogical techniques, it is added evidence of that relationship and line of descent.

The real power of the testing, however, occurs when a common ancestor between two or more men who have taken the test is found, but previously unknown, or unknown to one of the test participants. This can narrow down your search of the "paper trail" for that elusive Flowers ancestor considerably.

It is important to state here that Y-chomosome testing does not reveal the name of the common ancestor; it only reveals that you have a common ancestor with another person who has taken the test. It does, though, provide powerful clues toward solving those "brickwall" problems we all have.

Additional Y-DNA information can be found at a number of sites. A few are listed here:

John Blair's, DNA 101

Charles Kerchner's, DNA Testing & Genetic Genealogy Info and Resources

DNA Heritage's Tutorial

Family Tree DNA Tutorial

Online Videos from Roots Television of DNA Applications for Genealogy

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This project is open to Flowers (or variant surnames) males who purchase a Y-DNA analysis from a laboratory of their choice. To participate all you have to do to join is to indicate your interest to me by sending in a form supplied by me along with the results of your test. Current prices for the twenty-three marker tests to sixty-seven marker tests from the laboratories cost from approximately $138 to $269. The price within this range depends, in part, on the number of markers you test. But number of markers is not the only factor in determining price, so check around.

The more markers, the higher the resolution of the test is said to be. Higher resolution tests have an increased ability to resolve relationships between two individuals. Tests lower than 23 markers are offered by some labs, but are often limited in use for genealogy projects.

The test itself, including your payment for it, is entirely between the lab you pick and you. Three of the largest companies who provide these tests are DNA Ancestry, DNA Heritage and Family Tree DNA, and . Quality at all three of these companies appears to be quite high. There are some price differences along with some variance in the markers tested, turn-around time, and other features offered. Enough markers are tested by all three companies at the twenty-three marker level and up for adequate comparisons and analysis to be made. Some of these companies also supply "deep ancestry" tests to determine one's haplogroup. Along with the companies above, also consider Ethnoancestry, a company that currently specializes in these "deep ancestry" tests if your interests run to that depth.

I have no relationship to any of these companies other than as a customer. To date, I have purchased tests from DNA Heritage, Family Tree DNA, and Ethnoancestry. I mention this only for purposes of disclosure; it does not necessarily imply endorsement. All of the companies mentioned above have their own strengths and their own fans. You are free to choose whatever company for testing you like.

Important things you need to be aware of (the "fine print")

Identity protection

I will not identify your results by name as part of this project. You may choose, however, to include, or not to include, your email address with the results you wish to have posted on this page. In any case, your name will never appear on the results page in connection with your results, other than your email address if you choose. Please recognize, however, that your email address may include your name or other words that may reveal your identity.

As far as I am concerned, the only people who will know your name-identified results will be you, me, and whomever else you choose to tell. Again, be aware that if you give me permission to connect your email address to your results, that could reveal your identity

As long as time and database size permits, I am also willing to serve as the "middleman" in communications between you and another project participant. If you choose not to have your email address published on the results page, the only way you will be identified in this project is by group, number, and earliest known ancestor. Someone could then email me and say that they would like to carry on an email dialogue with you. I would then contact you and ask you for your permission to give this person your email address. If you don't give your permission, they don't get your email address from me.

Non-paternity events

Inevitably some participants in any DNA project will discover that their genetic heritage and their surname became connected in an unanticipated way, the knowledge of which could possibly cause some emotional distress to you, the participant. Obviously, I cannot be responsible for that.

You must be aware that there is at least some risk in finding a non-paternity event in your ancestor's past when you take this test and participate in this project. Some estimate the risk as high as 5% per generation. In other words, if you've identified Flowers ancestors in the 18th century and before by traditional genealogical techniques, there could be up to a 50% chance that they are not really your ancestors. Non-paternity events like unknown adoptions, conception outside of marriage, and other non-paternity reasons for the assigning of a surname to a child can all be explanations for this phenomenon.

Bottom line: Don't take the test, don't participate in this project if you do not understand the risk involved in finding something out about your ancestry that you didn't anticipate. I cannot be responsible for results not to your liking or that don't meet your expectations.


• What do you, the host of the Flowers/Flower surname Y-DNA project/ get out of this?

Nothing financially. I am not affiliated with any of the testing companies. But I will get considerable satisfaction in breaking down any genealogical "brickwalls," particularly my own.

I already know about Y-DNA and I just want to "cut to the chase." Just tell me what I have to do to participate in the Flowers/Flower Surname Y-DNA project.

1) Have a test done with one of the Y-DNA testing companies listed in the links at the top left of this page, or perhaps "Google" for another company of your choice.

2) When you get the results, let me know and I will email you a form to fill out. Just mail me the form along with your results and I will post them on the results page. There is no charge for this beyond what you pay to the Y-DNA testing company, of your choice, for your test. (I'll also send the form prior to you getting the Y-DNA test. Request form now.)

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